Any SoCal TRX owners interested in meeting up


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Jan 13, 2023
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Riverside, CA
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Now that the weather has decided to cool down I was wondering if there’s any interest in meeting up and hitting some trails.

I was in Johnson Valley a few weeks back and had a blast.

That said, it’d be great to meet up with like minded folks.


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I’m in the greater Riverside area, and don’t mind a drive.

Any dates better than others? I’ll have to be a weekend warrior thanks to my work schedule.
San Diego here as well. Always up for a GTG. Weekends are also best for me.
LA proper here and weekends are good, although not too early.
LaVerne area here. Meetup sounds cool. I work weekends is the only problem. But depending on dates and times, I may have to play hooky. My off days are Wednesday/Thursday. But I’ve been jonesing to take this beast off road. Just have no ideas on where to take it really. Any recommendations are extremely appreciated!
El mirage has some pretty good open roads to such it's about the middle of all of us i believe unless someone less has better spots.
Hungry Valley OHV has some awesome off-roading and it’s only an hour north of LA proper, but that’s probably not in the middle of all of us. I’ve heard Azusa canyon is good (haven’t been) and it’s just south of LA, so that could work. We could do a TRX takeover there or anywhere. No preferences here other than weekends and not before 10am.
Im in south Orange County and always down. Lucerne or Johnson valley area is about as good as it gets within a couple of hours. Santiago canyon is surprisingly good and a couple little jump opportunities. Otherwise, Barstow has some big stuff that would eat up our TRXs ha
I am in the South Bay of LA. I’m wanting to meet up too.
I’m easy for whatever anyone got any dates that work best for them?