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Nov 12, 2020
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I posted this in another discussion I was having about my KZP status that doesn't appear on the main RAM code sheet. Thought others might want to see what I found out.
I'm in KZP AFTER already being in KZ. My dealer doesn't know what that means so I did an internet search and came up with this. Seems like after the truck is released from the plant and the dealer is invoiced it's ready for shipment. I guess not if something happens after it's released like scraping something in the lot perhaps. Nobody knows unfortunately or not saying. I'll check again with the dealer next week to see if I'm still stuck there.

Found these additional and some repeated codes for car status.

B* Order
KZL Released - Not Shipped
BE Edit Error
KZM First Rail Departure
C* Sub-Firm
KZN First Rail Arrival
D* Firm
KZO Delayed
D1 GateLine
KZP Arrived at Body Vendor
E* Framed
KZR First Move To Rail Station
F* Painted
KZS Second Move To Rail Station
G* Trimmed
KZQ Completed at Ship-Thru
I* Built
KZT Second Rail Departure
J* Okayed
KZU Second Rail Arrival
ZA Cancelled
KZX Delivered To Dealer
KZO In Transit Issues


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Aug 18, 2020
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Any luck on officially knowing what KZP status is?
Ships from vendor lot. I know all the internal codes not shared with dealers. It is meant to tell the plant workers where the vehicle is located when they are trying to find it.
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