Addictive Desert Design Video

Awesome video, looking forward to selling their TRX products! ADD is a very popular brand for us among the Raptors and F-150s.
He used my Youtube music...
They need to come up with something new. Tired of seeing the same models just reworked for a new truck. But I do love their stuff.
i did contact the major US steel bumper suppliers, looking for a winch bumper for the TRX.
only one who confirmed he is working on it, was ADD. in jan, he said to get back to him in 60 days.
personally, i like the AEV bumper. however, they r not active for us
There’s a new video posted on YouTube of addictive desert designs doing their 3-D scan of the TRX. Excited to see what kind of front bumper they can come up with.
The Bomber and Stealth are on their short list for first products offered. Looking forward to getting one for myself, and I'm an authorized ADD dealer in case anyone wants ADD stuff for their trucks. As Johnny said, their stuff is very popular on Raptors and F-150s. I have their front and rear bumpers on my Raptor, and it have installed them on several builds I've done. They make a quality product!
I hope they didn't 3d scan any QC issues... crazy cool though!