$6000 rebate on Dodge Challenger Hellcats/ 000 rebate TRX


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Jan 1, 2021
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I was just on Dodge.com and there are $6000 rebates on 2021 Hellcat Challengers. Too bad Ram can’t share the love. We should get something for waiting 6/7 months. I have barely driven my 18 Raptor in 6 months because the dealer promised me a set trade in amount for it if I parked it until the TRX arrived. I am sure they regret that decision now. Thinking maybe I should keep the Raptor and cancel the TRX and get a Hellcat Challenger instead. We shall see.
I don’t think they’ll be sharing the love on such a hyped-up new release/model. I’m sure that when the Hellcat Challengers first came out in 2015, there weren’t any rebates on them either. There won’t be manufacture rebates on the TRX for at least the first couple years.

The only thing that might expedite rebates on the TRX is if Ford were to offer rebates on their new Raptor sooner rather than later. Even then...probably a long shot.
You will never get a discount of significance on a new vehicle when there is a line of people waiting. Simple supply and demand. Hellcats, redeyes were all the same very early on.

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