2021 Ram TRX Owners Manual

I'm sure everyone will follow this closely.

breakin period.png
Actually not that hard to follow. A couple if leisurely road trips and you are at 300 miles.
Exactly...lol. Its not that following the instructions are difficult, but it is VERY tempting to go Baja-wild! Maybe you drive 500 miles to a baja park to break it in! #Coviding
Well damn, I'm hopefully taking delivery next month. It's currently -15c and we have 20cm of snow.
Sticky this thread and changed name to "2021 Ram TRX Owners Manual"
If you go to your garage on the Ram site under owner you get can get all the manuals..

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TRX Mauual

Try this link..I'm not good with this stuff. But to be honest its the same as the Canada one..
Why you keep rubbing it in that your truck is on the way and mine is currently... Unavailable... lol
Is there a US version of this manual?

just wondering if the Canada manual is much different than the us version.
I can download the US version now.. Trying to post a link now..

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