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  1. lumpyTrx85

    Look at this offer for a gt500

    Yes the car is 97 but look at my trade in with tax credit 106k lol. Would anybody jump on that or no. I still have a 22 I can get
  2. lumpyTrx85

    First launch 3.9 0-60

    Trucks a monster for a 7000lb gas job lol. I let out around 90 I think it's good for a 12.2 stock which is insane for a truck that's as comfy as this thing is
  3. lumpyTrx85

    Issue with seam sealer ?

    Noticed when I was installing my oem trx running boards I bought for 400 from a local guy SCORE! LOL.. But after I installed them and was just looking under the truck I noticed the deal sealer on the passenger floorboard is split open and you can stick your finger trough it. The drivers side is...
  4. lumpyTrx85

    Shes home

    The only issue is I have two ram keys and they don't say trx on them
  5. lumpyTrx85

    She made it today!

    Go pick her up tomorrow
  6. lumpyTrx85

    Go with the level 1 i ordered ?

    So I'm having a dilemma lol I ordered a 22 hydro blue level 1 with auto start. $ 76,606 is the final price. My 2020 raptor trade is 72k with them.. The other dealer has a 2021 level 2 with every option besides red interior, running boards, rambar and graphics. Msrp is in the pic with a 2000...
  7. lumpyTrx85

    Thinking of doing plum crazy purple?

    Once my truck comes I think I'm going to have it wrapped in plum crazy.. saw a video of some other purple wrapped trx looks ok but no my color choice. I think oem looking color will look sick.
  8. lumpyTrx85

    Kooks Headers install by Tune time performance
  9. lumpyTrx85

    American racing headers

  10. lumpyTrx85

    ADD Front Bumper

    Looks great!
  11. lumpyTrx85

    2022 prices are out

    Looks like base msrp price for the 2022 trx is a 700 dollar increase over the 21... No option price increases so far.
  12. lumpyTrx85

    NY Member

    Never did a intro so here it is.. John from NY lumpycrown845 on youtube.. 2022 db trx on order. love the forum guys im on my phone so it wont let me write like a human