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  1. Awallrx

    Traffic stops.....

    How many of you guys and gals have been stopped for speeding already? I got stopped yesterday and got a warning. Surprised I made it 3 months without a stop in this thing. I can't keep my foot out of the gas:)
  2. Awallrx

    Question about drive mode settings....

    Headed out on a 550 mile trip to Clearwater this afternoon. I am going to be on the interstate for a while and want to get the smoothest ride possible. If I was to use the custom drive mode what would you more educated guys recommend using as my settings?
  3. Awallrx

    This is what you actually…

    Find at the end of a rainbow
  4. Awallrx

    Justboltons disc code…

    Anybody have the group discount code for justboltons website?
  5. Awallrx

    @okieTRX80 is proof that there are still good dudes out there

    @OkieTRX80 Thanks for taking the time today to hook me up on the extended warranty! It was nice talking with you.
  6. Awallrx

    Sorry, another extended warranty ?

    Since @OkieTRX80 has gone off grid and is not answering DM's, I figured I would ask you guys. When I purchased my TRX in April I didn't purchase the extended warranty. I never have before because I usually trade every 2 or 3 years. I see me driving this beast for a long time so I am looking...
  7. Awallrx

    New TRX owner in SC

    Traded my 2018 Raptor in on April 16th. This is one AWESOME machine!! Enjoying the forum. #drunkonpower #blackmamba