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  1. No_LU-G

    2 / ? TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (6/5/23)

    77 Ceramics :oops:
  2. No_LU-G

    Is this a good deal?

    So? Smells like Axe body spray?
  3. No_LU-G

    GMTV trade in

    GMTV will follow up days after the initial quote. I got them up $4500 when they did that to me on my Bronco. Auction values are still strong for TRX. You should be able to squeeze out a little more even though miles are high. But like @Blackbear said, private party should get you a little more...
  4. No_LU-G

    0 / 1 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (5/27/23)

    @tripleB prob time to scratch @viper1d from the list. No way it’s still in frame. Must’ve been cloned. No?
  5. No_LU-G

    0 / 1 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (5/26/23)

    Arrived at dealer 9 days ago. Took delivery 5 days ago. This is the ram tracker TODAY :ROFLMAO: :LOL:
  6. No_LU-G

    0 / 1 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (5/26/23)

    Sure glad mine got built before the Lunar came out!!!!!
  7. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

    Thanks Brutha 🤜🤛 Ride home was brutal. I won’t be doing that again I’ll ship it next time. I actually don’t yet have a deposit on a ‘24. I don’t think anyone has started taking orders
  8. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

  9. IMG_3532.jpeg


  10. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

    Still not delivered according to Ram Tracker :LOL:🦖
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  12. No_LU-G

    CarPlay Directions Now in Gauge Cluster

    Waze would be the BEST
  13. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

    I don’t know how I was pushed through so fast. Maybe because I got a base with NO OPTIONS What’s your build?
  14. No_LU-G


    Love to see how KO2s ride on a 🦖
  15. No_LU-G

    Koons buying/ delivery experience... a live thread of the experience

    I had the same experience just yesterday. Everything was very smooth until I went into finance office. Got the hard-sell on the extended warranty too. He pitched it 5x and just wouldn’t take “not at all interested” for an answer. Then brought in a finance manager to pitch it one last time at a...
  16. No_LU-G

    Koons buying/ delivery experience... a live thread of the experience

    Last year I had the same experience. They ended up sending me new temp plates without emailing me a response. They just showed up.
  17. No_LU-G

    Kudos to Mark Dodge

    There’s something to be said about a no-nonsense approach to selling. I may try the folks @ Mark Dodge for my next TRX. That’s IF there’s a 24 of course
  18. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

    We’ll see what the MY24 brings, but if it’s different I’m interested. If there are no changes, maybe. I’m digging the new digital cluster. Love keeping an eye on four different temp gauges :ROFLMAO:
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  20. No_LU-G

    2023 Base

    Picked up my 2023 base model TRX today. Flew in from NH and drove home, hitting every bit of traffic I could possibly hit. Brutal but so worth it. Also, notice the status on Ram Tracker checked today when I was halfway home :ROFLMAO: BIG thank you to Craig Benner. Very professional and the...