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    2023 Havoc TRX Almost Stolen Out Of My Driveway

    Don't just go with cameras. They tell afterwards. Get proximity sensors. You'll know when they are coming before they get there or as they get there.
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    How to clean OEM running board

    I would think a plastic bristle brush would work best.
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    OFF TOPIC: Oil change place mucked up oil change in daughters SUV, it all leaked out.

    This board has some of the most logical and intelligent folks of any message board I'm on. So I'm asking for your .02. Daughter in Fargo, ND got her oil changed at well known "auto-repair" place. There are 5 of them in Fargo/Moorhead. Very good service, very reputable as far as rating go...
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    TRX Thefts

    That's why I!!!
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    TRX Thefts

    What is the WORST thing about IGLA? What is the WORST thing about Ravelco?
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    Patchy work on the bed due to accessory I didn't want

    Whatever you choose, I'd rough sand the area, then wipe clean with acetone before applying. Roll on bed liner: Spray on bed liner:
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    Another one bites the dust

    You have a Ravelco, right?
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    No one can fix my truck!!! What can I do?

    What happened to the Ford Expedition?
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    No one can fix my truck!!! What can I do?

    Sometimes one place does have better techs. But also, sometimes just a "fresh pair of eyes" or view on it can make a difference. When I do stuff like that, I don't even tell the second place what the first place was looking at as far as a solution/what the problem is. I would take to a...
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    Stolen... But I stole it back!!!

    With true self defense, you don't pick the location.
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    Unpopular opinion..

    Changing the fender paint doesn't change the performance/hp/torque. Also, Lots of people want a "non-TRX-looking TRX"
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    Post ur builds

    If a pickup came from the factory with scissor doors, most folks would upgrade and convert them to regular doors. To each his own obviously, of the other upgrades I can see a reason/benefit. Maybe it's just that I don't see/understand the benefit.
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    Just arrived at the dealership. 8.99%

    What?! So the first months payment... at 9% and small down payment on 100k.....the first months payment.... $1000 to principle, $700 to interest? How about 2nd month?
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    Stolen... But I stole it back!!!

    If the same liberal rule with squatters and houses applied to vehicles, you'd probably be in the wrong for taking it back.
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    Stolen... But I stole it back!!!

    The difference between you and I....I wouldn't have been able to let these fellas off the hook and just take it back.
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    First Ever 100% Stainless Steel Body RAM TRX.

    Boy, wouldn't that be something!
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    What does this paint job do to the resale value?

    Oh. Hmm. Then I'm surprised the dealer didn't peel it off. I sold my RAM to this same dealer, and it had both a passenger and drivers side Swingcase and they took them out prior to putting on their lot. It also had a Du-Ha underseat rear storage, and they took it out also. Is that odd? I'm...
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    What does this paint job do to the resale value?

    Does it make the value decrease or increase? 87K---->
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    Ram Bar material

    What if his truck doesn't have one?