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    Light bar for bumper

    I have the Oracle hooked up to an Aux switch. It is simple to install. I did look at the other light bars and some required pulling the front bumper off. they look good but not a fan of more work. As others have said the Oracle looks stock. I also pulled off my Rigid Scene lights from my Raptor...
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    Welcome Mike from VA. You will find some cool info on this forum for your TRX. I hope you get it soon!
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    Happy new year! New TRX and new to the forum…

    Wow and Congratz. Good looking truck! This forum provides great advice for any accessories! Happy New Year!
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    Getting Fed Up

    This is a great forum so for those waiting I would recommend reading the forum posts to consider what accessories to purchase And learn bout the TRX. In my case, I read the forum before I put an order in on my TRX. I found from reading this forum at the time that a lot of times a Lvl 2 took many...
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    Uconnect 5 Problems

    I hear your issues. My Uconnect periodically goes out. Someone in the forum provide tips on a soft reset in this forum dated 11/1/22. They claim they have had no issues for a while. I periodically get the black screen of death or a few times the radio is on but nothing comes out of the speakers...
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    Market prices for our trucks have crashed!

    I hear you. I was driving it daily to a park and ride lot to pickup a vanpool I manage. That all changed when a knuckle head decided to steal my MD plates off the Rex. Luckily that was it. Now I drive it about 2 or 3 times a week and drive my beater to the park and ride. I guess I am saving $$$...
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    TRX vs Raptor R Comparison. . .

    Yup and thanks Bman. I just liked the Raptor setup with the step and the pole to get into the truck bed. Thanks!
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    AFE Cold Air Intake Questions

    Yup, my buddy in Williamsburg hits that beach. Have not been yet. I enjoy going to Corolla, NC. While I have all the equipment for beach driving the lighthouse by the beach entrance allows you to air up or air down. Plus you may get a glimpse of the wild horses roaming that way. If you have any...
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    TRX vs Raptor R Comparison. . .

    I too enjoyed my 2017 Raptor before I sold it late last year. It was a good truck. The only issue I had was the valve cover gasket had to be replaced twice Under warranty. For some reason if you have issues with one gasket Ford makes the dealers replaced both. Once I picked up the TRX this year...
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    M&R fog light wiring

    Hi Sneekem. I don't have M&R fog lights. i only have an Oracle front bumper light, Rigid pillar lights and Rigid rear lights. Anyway, like my pillar lights, maybe you should consider routing the wires around the top of the engine bay. For example, going from the aux wires by the battery and go...
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    TRX is Down

    Sorry to hear of your troubles Cromin8tor. Even is Ramcare provides a rental, you probably want to get the insurance coverage from the rental care company. That way if you get in an accident you don't have to use your insurance and pay for the days the rental car is not in service/lost revenue...
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    First oil change?

    Ii just did my oil change yesterday On my 22 with 10k miles. It's not so bad. I feel more comfortable doing my own and making sure it's done right. My friend took his minivan 2 weeks ago for an oil change. He drove it 2 days later after the oil change to work. He drove 50 miles to get to work...
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    What vehicle would you buy for 60,000?

    if you go BMW or Mercedes AMG you may also want to factor in maintenance cost or if you can do basic maintenance yourself. As for another vehicle to consider, maybe the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. It came out in21 and now releasing. 23 version. Not sure the cost but we love our Durango with the...
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    New TRX Owner from MD

    Welcome. You are getting a piece of American History! I work in Rockville, MD but never drive my truck there since I manage a govt subsidized vanpool. I hope you get it delivered quick!
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    First time RAM BUYER!

    You will love it. I upgraded from a Gen 2 Raptor. The only thing I miss is the door keypad, the step in the bumper was nice and the hard tonneau cover. You get a soft cover if you ordered it. The inside of the TRX is much nicer with the storage compartments. Congratz and welcome!
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    RAM TRX Service Departments

    I use Sanford Ram in Warrenton, VA for warranty work. They seem competent and I do love the service advisor Carl, a good man and will come out to your truck to show you things regarding the Uconnect.
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    Hello from Bethesda Md.

    Hello Miketeast. I work in Rockville but I am part of a vanpool and never drive my truck to work. I know of the Koons in Tysons Corner, VA so not sure how well they do work. You would expect any Ram dealer to do the job. Anyway, for warranty work, I take my truck to Safford Ram in Warrenton, VA...
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    Thread name changed to Grilles and Grills.

    I had a Raptor prior to getting my 22 TRX. Yes, it's getting hard from a distance to tell the TRX or Raptor trucks with the amber lights on the hood plus the FORD emblems on the grill from the real deal. Its like putting a spoiler on a truck thinking it's cool. To each his own and don't really...
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    Nice looking truck. Enjoy it like you Mean it!
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    New member, longtime lurker

    Congratz and wishing you a speedy delivery. You may want to consider buying some items for the truck while you wait since aftermarket items may take some time to get. Thank you for your service!