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  1. TrxMiner

    Exhaust drone

    I got the end NDT delete module with the Magnaflow exhaust. You don't hear drone
  2. TrxMiner

    Audio recommendations

    Dynamat in the entire cab, I heard that it sounds the best with the HK
  3. TrxMiner

    Speaker upgrade

    What do you guys think about just changing the tweeters, and not the speakers would that cause ANC issues, I've got the JL stealth box 10 x2 and I got it connected with the pac amp and the new harness from crutch field and the base response is insane wish I would dynamatted it but so far no...
  4. TrxMiner

    Uconnect Messed Up After a call

    I had that happen once, feels like it froze I turned it off and back on fixed the issue, I had heat all the way up during that time so maybe HU got hot
  5. TrxMiner

    I'd love to see a manual TRX Hellcat

    I would love to see a conversion to a manual TRX Hellcat. What are you guys think since they're getting rid of these v8s already? Might as well start doing some mods huh?
  6. TrxMiner

    What are you currently driving?

    How y'all the AMG folks? Old-school big body with 500hp I'm hellcat it to 700
  7. TrxMiner

    What are you currently driving?

    2004 S55 AMG Kompressor staggered wheels setup
  8. TrxMiner

    IGLA first impressions.

    OEM remote start from app works too , just need a different setting for igla But setting do I need to enable to have it work from the ram app remote start
  9. TrxMiner

    Mud Flaps For TRX

    Rodblokz is the best
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  11. TrxMiner

    Exhaust Mods

    The Magnaflow sound amazing on my truck
  12. TrxMiner

    Oracle 9" inch LED off-road lights with Brawlerfab front mount

    I got it connected to auxiliary one whenever I need to go off-roading I also got them connected to the turn signal so it's pretty badass boys labor was around like 250 just to get everything installed
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  14. TrxMiner

    HK Subwoofer Upgrade Question

    JL stealth box is the best
  15. TrxMiner

    truck stolen in front of my house

    Install take like 30 min
  16. TrxMiner

    truck stolen in front of my house

    My dude had the faraday pouch why not use it, you ordered it for your protection from scums getting your signal, that would have prevented them from stealing it Lesson learned, so everyone install IGLA
  17. TrxMiner

    truck stolen in front of my house

    You slacking bro that's all on you, after reading this forum I got PTSD n made sure that I'd never let my truck get touched by some scum criminal. No place is safe even NY