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    PPF or repaint later?

    Spent 6k for full xpel stealth ppf. At the end of the day im glad I did it. Also note that you can replace sections of ppf which are beat up.
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    RoughDaily ride on paved roads

    Uneven back rounds will make my 22 trx dip and bounce. Haven’t drove many trucks but I expected this truck handle them a little better and not feel like a boat dipping and bouncing.
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    They just wont publish Raptor R performance specs...

    Even the raptor r has engine noise pumped into the cabin…
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    Wind noise above 50mph with ac recerc on

    How long do they need the truck for ?
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    Wind noise above 50mph with ac recerc on

    I have the same issue. Around 4K miles just haven’t felt like taking it to the dealer yet.
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    Noisy Cabin

    You sure wind noise is coming from back? I have an issue where I get bad wind noise from bottom right of front windshield. Wind noise only happens with ac/ air recirculation is on.
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    Xpel Stealth owners...still happy?

    Best decision I have made was to fully stealth my black trx. Having owned nothing but black cars in the past it’s a breath of fresh air when detailing to not worry about swirls. Little spec of dirt or dusty panel and I can easily detail spray and wipe clean with no risk of swirls. Would have...
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    It’s fast for a truck. Problem is that this truck has attracted a lot of “non truck people” trying to put this truck in different category than off road vehicle.
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    Full wrap

    Had my black trx fully wrapped with xpel stealth and really pleased with the final result. Owning nothing but black cars in the past, detailing can be very cumbersome to prevents swirls and light scratches. It’s a great relief on a fully wrapped car to just easily wipe away light dirt and dust...
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    Xpel Prime XR Plus

    I just went with the normal xr prime. Was told the plus leaves a light blue look which I wasn’t sure about
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    Wind noise whistle above 75mph

    Wouldn’t call the noise I have a whistle or high pitch. More like the sound if you have a window slightly cracked/open, but coming from passenger side dash
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    Wind noise whistle above 75mph

    Has anyone with this problem found a solution yet ?
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    Wind noise whistle above 75mph

    Have wind noise also coming from passenger side dash. Haven t been able to sit over and pin point yet.
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    Fit and finish defects

    Several days after delivery I noticed a quarter sized paint defect damaged down to the primer on my roof. Then found out I have a small dent on my hood scoop that slightly nicks the vinyl. Dealer wants to take pictures and submit them to cooperate and then off to there body shop perhaps. Not...
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    Your TRX shipping time???

    WS 3/27. Arrived to dealer 4/11 at Delaware.
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    0 / 10 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (3/27/22)

    Arrived to dealer 4/11, took delivery 4/12. Good luck to all.
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    0 / 10 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (3/27/22)

    Thank you! Glad for a quick BS-WS. Noticed that price increase tho 😅
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    32 / 2 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (3/21/22)

    Great! Thanks for doing this!
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    0 / 0 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (1/3/22)

    Is it standard to get an email from Ram stating when your build will start?