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  1. RedEyeTRX

    HOT! Extreme High Performance Mid Pipe - MRT Performance

    This is a bolt in delete of the factory mufflers. Same same as you currently have.
  2. RedEyeTRX

    Can someone please make a disconnectable front sway bar?!!

    Jeep has one, you will need to put on your "mod" hat to make it work...
  3. RedEyeTRX

    Possibly selling my TRX

    Sorry to hear about your parents health. Many of us are in the same boat, unfortunately. Trade it and grab the sales tax benefit, but get the Caddy Escalade V.
  4. RedEyeTRX

    TRX Caliper Covers

    FauxLex watches from China!
  5. RedEyeTRX

    They Tried to Take it AGAIN>>>>>

    Glitter bomb with SKUNK spray !
  6. RedEyeTRX

    Parts holding up production

    Glass half FULL outlook !
  7. RedEyeTRX

    Tailgate recall

    I just received mine in the mail and tossed it. I have not had any issues and I will take a look at the engagement with some ring-pinon paint. If I need to shim it or adjust it, I will. Sitting for a week at the dealership, waiting for some dumbass car shagger to back it into another car or...
  8. RedEyeTRX

    They Tried to Take it AGAIN>>>>>

    You need to install a pepper spray alarm on that truck. Anyone who walks on your property, near the truck gets the BEAR SPRAY ! Stick one to each window.
  9. RedEyeTRX

    -44 offset to much?

    You guys running -44's, no drive up bank teller windows or fast food drive thru for you!!!!!! But looks cool!
  10. RedEyeTRX

    TRX Gas Mileage

    Hovering around 11 right now, but you guys made me look. Otherwise, I just drive it and fill when needed. Not really paying attention.
  11. RedEyeTRX

    Parts holding up production

    As posted before by another member: When getting antsy about delivery wait time..... 3 fingers of Pappy 20 and a blunt. If still antsy, repeat until relaxed!
  12. RedEyeTRX

    TRX Caliper Covers

    Caliper covers = looks pretty, still stops like crap. Good to know! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: With the full BBK in the $6K - $7K range, might be time to step up. That means cutting back on Pappy by 2 bottles that...
  13. RedEyeTRX

    2024 TRX

    Funny you say that. Long ago, when GM introduced the Z71 Offroad package (aka shocks and stickers) on their 1500 trucks. We were at the show, and the GM rep was telling us how the Z71 used the latest monotube shock technology. I asked "What is the difference between a monotube and twin tube...
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    For me, value not there for the cost of prof. installed ceramic. Maybe a DIY ceramic would be good. I am a DIY guy. I did my entire truck with Xpel PPF for about $1800 + a shit load of work.
  15. RedEyeTRX


    2X on the PPF. Then maybe a ceramic over the entire truck. I am just running PPF on 95% of the truck and no ceramic. To me the value is not there.
  16. RedEyeTRX

    Getting tired of being in "rail jail"

    Dont bust that monkeys balls ! He is the same monkey that beat out the top Wall Street brokers, with HIS stock picks!
  17. RedEyeTRX

    My life is about impractical transportation decisions.

    Congrats on the purchase, you will not be disappointed. The TRX is a great all around performer and is the most fun trucks I have ever owned. I recommend either a full PPF wrap, or at the very least full front, pillars, rockers and bed sides. The front tires throw BIG rocks at the rear bed...
  18. RedEyeTRX

    TRX Stolen - Orange Coast Dodge Service Center

    For $20K cash, I will give you your truck back and make you a SMOKING deal on a HC Charger !
  19. RedEyeTRX

    2022 trx blown motor 9k miles

    If I recall, OReilly Filter Guy posted a second dealership found damage inside the supercharger (in addition to the block-rod-piston damage), likely from the blower attempting to compress water (no bueno). Add that to fresh water found in one or more cylinders....... in short and IMO the OP of...
  20. RedEyeTRX

    Petco Has TRXs!!!

    Pocket it......5 finger discount !