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  1. Eighty

    Parking lights always on

    And make sure you have the fuses in both of the fuse taps. And make sure your crimped splice is solid.
  2. Eighty

    Horn relocate and/or reinforce horn wiring?

    Yes. A dual-note horn.
  3. Eighty

    Possibly the coolest and easiest dash cam install ever

    Just to set the record straight, for anyone reading this in the future. Models A and B are not trim-dependent. It’s about whether the truck has the large mirror housing. I believe all Limiteds have it, as well as many Laramies and Rebels.
  4. Eighty

    2022 trx blown motor 9k miles

    You’re a Cradle Robber
  5. Eighty

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    Something like this?
  6. Eighty

    2023 Ram 1500 TRX Havoc Edition

    This world really needs more Vitamin Pee yellow vehicles.
  7. Eighty

    Ordered yesterday!

    Don't forget to add security to your list of mods. Ravelco or IGLA
  8. Eighty

    Possibly selling my TRX

    Or wait until it becomes official that that TRX is being discontinued in the 2023 model year (as was supposedly stated by a Stellantis rep a few days ago). Then your resale price will go up pretty high, I would expect.
  9. Eighty

    TRX Gas Mileage

    Agreed. But not once has my lie-o-meter been wrong on the low side - so it's still very true that it is inaccurate.
  10. Eighty

    VIN ID'ing help, typo?

    In fairness, there's a lot more to the process of getting a TRX to Germany than there is to Iowa. Boats, middleman importers, tariffs, etc.
  11. Eighty

    Horn relocate and/or reinforce horn wiring?

    You know what would be really cool? When you wire up a second horn, rig it so that it honks if the wires are cut on the first horn. That way, the thieves get an immediate response (when they yank the wires), rather than after they've broken your glass and entered the vehicle.
  12. Eighty

    VIN ID'ing help, typo?

    Looks like a Black Level 2, with the Advanced Safety Group, Carbon Fiber interior package, panoramic sunroof, Mopar running boards, bedside graphics, and bed utility group.
  13. Eighty

    VIN ID'ing help, typo?

    That's the correct VIN. But you won't find a window sticker for it because it was produced for the LATAM region (Latin America - Puerto Rico). They don't issue window stickers for that country. You can find info on the truck by looking up the build sheet, though. EDIT: It also lists...
  14. Eighty

    TRX Gas Mileage

    Curious - did you do the math (with mileage and gallons)? My lie-o-meter is always pretty far off of reality. It will tell me I am getting 11.4 mpg, whereas the actual is in the upper 10's.
  15. Eighty

    TRX Ordered 1/20

    You’re still a noob. But at least a supporting member noob
  16. Eighty

    3 / 2 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (1/25/23)

    808 of the 1000 trucks in the 542 group have been built. Just no TRX's...
  17. Eighty

    Shifts And Grins Reverse Light Brackets And Diode Dynamics Lights

    I had that same thought when I was wiring up my reverse lights. Rather than ask her to hold the brake and put it in reverse, I found a short 2x4 and jammed it in to hold the brake pedal. Kinda scary when you trust your life more to a 2x4 than your wife...
  18. Eighty

    2023 Quality score card

    Probably a little too soon to tell on some things (like the clunk). But I see no reason why there would be any changes. It's not like they retooled between model years, and there's no appriciable difference between the model years (outside of the digital cluster). So I suspect that there...
  19. Eighty

    “Plug and play” anti-theft kill switch

    Have you seen this thread? @maestro5531 is selling the harnesses for $25. You'd still have to wire up the switch to it, but it's not rocket science.
  20. Eighty

    Hi just joined from IL. Comparing TRX to Prospector XL

    The TRX is not built for towing. While it may have an advertised towing capacity of 8100 lbs, that is NOT the actual safe load that you can tow. Your safe load will almost always be limited by available payload. Let's say you're actually trying to tow 8100 lbs. A safe weight distribution on...