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  1. RobR651

    TRX Stolen - Orange Coast Dodge Service Center

    Good luck on ordering the replacement. Hopefully you can get one in a reasonable timeframe and it’s worry free.
  2. RobR651

    TRX Stolen - Orange Coast Dodge Service Center

    That sucks!! What was wrong with the valve body?
  3. RobR651

    Twin Turbo TRX

  4. RobR651

    Service Dealer Recommendation - Sacramento Area

    Gotcha …someone will let you know on here I’m sure.
  5. RobR651

    Service Dealer Recommendation - Sacramento Area

    You might find one in this thread:
  6. RobR651

    Supercharger lid removal

    Might be a challenge to get to the bolts in the back… here’s a good video on the entire supercharger being taken apart
  7. RobR651

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    I think there’s a few members that took off their cats for a catless midpipe. Post a thread looking for cats and one of those guys / gals might want to sell you their cats.
  8. RobR651

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    Bam Wholesale has it for $2k less
  9. RobR651

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    Insurance claim… mopar shows it being over $6,000 for one converter since it comes with the pipes.
  10. RobR651

    Guess The Havoc is gonna bump me out 😡

    It is 100% irrelevant when you order. Ram doesn’t prioritize early orders. They never have with the TRX. If you get one in a timely manner it has zero to do with when it was ordered. It is pure luck and that’s it. Some factors like options and packages can change things as far as additional...
  11. RobR651

    Guess The Havoc is gonna bump me out 😡

    When you ordered is 100% irrelevant to Stellantis / Ram. It’s been this way since the beginning of production in 2021. Guys placed their order on day 1 when the truck was announced and others placed orders months later and got theirs first. Ram puts zero priority on earlier orders.
  12. RobR651

    Coolant system rupture

    @RamCares cares is more help if you need a part expedited (that’s how they helped me the past) I don’t think they’ll be much help in this situation. Your truck is currently at the dealer and hopefully they diagnose and repair it for you quickly without much delay. They won’t step in unless...
  13. RobR651

    Dead, No Dash, Keyfobs dont work

    Hold you fob against the ignition start button while pressing it in see if that turns it over. Disregard seems that you figured it out.
  14. RobR651

    Lower control arm ball joint

    I don’t think they sell just that. You’ll have to buy the whole part. @Alienhead listed all of them a few posts above.
  15. RobR651

    Lower control arm ball joint

    Which one is it that you’re looking for specifically? Front / rear / left / right? I dumped one of the part numbers from mopar in on Google and it brought up a picture of one on Tasca Parts which showed a sensor complete with the ride height bar. They appear to be specific to each area of the...
  16. RobR651

    Lower control arm ball joint Sorry they have it pigeon holed under sensors not suspension
  17. RobR651

    Lower control arm ball joint

    That’s one of your ride height sensor parts. Which side? Go to the mopar parts site and enter your vehicle info and check under suspension
  18. RobR651

    cat delete help

    These are mentioned on the hellcat forum:
  19. RobR651

    Selling TRX spot, 2023 Granite

    Reach out to Granger. It’s technically their truck and not yours until you finalize the purchase. Read your purchase info when you placed the deposit. Thanks for posting, but I highly doubt they’re going to let someone take over that order at your price.
  20. RobR651

    First issue popped up today. P018D

    FYI there’s a couple of posts about the low voltage code P018C on the Hellcat forum. It usually results in the fuel rail being replaced. Definitely worth a trip to the dealer …your power train warranty covers it.