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    If you could have any 4 cars in your garage, money being no object what would they be?

    My dream garage of four vehicles I would drive (not sell) would be: 1, My White TRX! My favorite vehicle far. 2, The Hellcat powered Jeep Concept. (My 20' RUBY ain't bad!) 3, The new Ferrari SUV (Arriving at dealerships later this year) 4, Ram's new EV pickup.
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    How do you guys park

    In my T-Rex, I park carefully...usually far enough away or grab an end spot and hug the curb. The OEM running boards also do a pretty fair job of protection from most cars and a few trucks. However, with my Jeep 2-door it doesn't matter! With the large black plastic fenders, a 2.5" lift, 37"...
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    2023 Ford Raptor R vs. Ram TRX

    Time for Ram to quit screwing around and just release the damm Stage Performance Packs for our TRX's...
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    2023 Ford Raptor R vs. Ram TRX

    Yeah, If I come across a Raptor R and he wants to race, it will only be from a dead stop...(At least till I add a few performance upgrades!) The combination of a little less weight, 4.10 gears, gearing within the 10 speed auto, power bandwidth of the 5.2, all favor the Raptor in a 'roll race'.
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    Getting Fed Up

    I don't really mind the wait...this time around as I have my 22' TRX to drive till the 23' arrives! Now if you really want to talk long waits...My neighbor waited 19 months for his 2-door Bronco to arrive! In the meantime his wife gave birth to beautiful twin girls and now he doesn't even have...
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    2023 Level 2 Door Handles

    Will let you know, I just gave my parts guy the VIN to my 22' L2 and asked him to order these parts. My 22' has the tailgate light as well.
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    2023 Level 2 Door Handles

    I am ordering color matched door handles, tailgate handle and mirror covers today for my 23' White Beast...(Ordered Nov 1st) If anyone wants the new 'accent color' handles, they will be offered for sale as soon as the 23' arrives!
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    Which Hellcat you taking???

    This is the only other Hellcat I really want...A one-off made by Jeep in 2017: Wheelbase stretched to 108", Dana 60's, 40's and of course powered by the mighty SC Hellcat! Totally badass and beautiful!:love:
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    Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 8.03.51 AM.png

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    2023 Level 2 Door Handles

    Yup...Wish I had just ordered the Carbon Fiber package on my 22', I would just keep it. It's just that I had not seen the Carbon Fiber in person when I ordered the 22'... Still not of fan of the all digital dash and now have to replace door handles, tailgate handle along with color matched...
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    2023 Level 2 Door Handles

    This is pure BS...I have a 23' White on order and black handles on a white truck look like a work truck. Color matched door handles are what belong on a halo truck...
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    All I Want For Christmas...

    A special edition SuperCharged 426CI TRX!
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    2023 RAM TRX Digital Gauge Cluster

    I have a 23' ordered but not thrilled with the dash...however it could be like the Carbon Fiber package and have to see it in person to love it! I still like the analog gauges in my 22' but do wish they made the speedometer read 140MPH as in the Ford Raptor...
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    What is your SECOND favorite TRX Color

    I voted Hydro Blue as my second favorite...But, Bright White is still my favorite TRX color and the 23' I ordered is same as my 22'...Bright White!
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    Another “TRX” Sucks vs. Raptor R Review. . .

    F' Car & Dump...These clowns often make CR look legit!
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    TFL TRX Tyrant review

    Just 3/10 of a second factor in the quarter???
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    23' Scheduled 11/15/2022

    Come on 510 groups!
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    Raptor R is Fast!

    This competition would be good if not for the current WOFF (war on fossil fuels) declared by the woke and incompetent Biden administration...
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    Raptor R is Fast!

    Damm...We really should have 4.10's and Redeye Hellcats...STANDARD!
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    I love my TRX and I would choose any RAM high spec crew cab over any Ford crew cab all day long. That said, all three of my Raptors were SuperCabs and loved them, IF Ford still offered the Raptor R in a SuperCab...