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  1. Tom488

    Anyone have a klunk,kick in the ass feeling when just about to stop/ start

    He said: Then he replied: As to what that has to do with the driveshaft binding in the slip yoke and clunking... beats me.
  2. Tom488

    Hi just joined from IL. Comparing TRX to Prospector XL

    Along with the WDH, you'll probably want to add a set of TRX-specific air bags to handle the tongue weight you'll be putting on the truck. Timber Grove makes these: Good thread here on them...
  3. Tom488

    TRX wont start

    Well, it's in the dealer's hands now, but I agree - first thing I'd check is the four chassis grounds on the driver's inner fender. Let us know what the dealer tells you - sounds like a pretty easy fix regardless
  4. Tom488

    Possibly the coolest and easiest dash cam install ever

    Received mine today, install is quick and painless - actually took longer installing the app on the phone than it was installing the hardware. Love the clean, OEM look.
  5. Tom488

    Possibly the coolest and easiest dash cam install ever

    Ummm... yeah, they do - you just had to order the Technology package.
  6. Tom488

    Possibly the coolest and easiest dash cam install ever

    Drat - the price of being an early adopter (and, by early, I mean about 2 hours) :ROFLMAO:
  7. Tom488

    Struggling to start

    Once you can consistently replicate the issue... and in your case, consistently show that by running the fuel pump for a few seconds first, you NEVER experience the long crank time. I'd say if you can go a week without issue by priming the fuel system, you'll be in a good position to...
  8. Tom488

    Struggling to start

    Yep. In which case, letting the fuel pump run for a few seconds first (ignition to RUN) would eliminate the long crank time.
  9. Tom488

    Struggling to start

    Yes, you should have it checked out. Do you usually find it cranking longer first thing in the morning? You mention the Ravelco. The Ravelco installation does splice into the ASD (auto shutdown) relay output, which is what powers the fuel injectors. It's highly doubtful, but IF there was an...
  10. Tom488

    Struggling to start

    By struggle, do you mean the engine cranks over at a normal speed, but won't fire until several cycles? Or does the engine turn over slowly, as if you had a weak battery? If the former, try pushing the start button twice withOUT stepping on the brake (to put the ignition in 'RUN'). Wait 3 or...
  11. Tom488

    New RING Vehicle Security Camera

    Most any device that plugs into the OBD-II port is just looking for CAN bus connectivity. You can just chop off the OBD-II connector, and splice on the proper connector to plug in to the STAR hub (just a CAN bus hub on the left side of the steering column... there's several open ports here...
  12. Tom488

    Catalytic Converter Stolen

    Not when you broach the bolt heads for a custom-made tool (think locking lugnut-style) and round the corners off the hex. I just ordered myself a set of these, and will be doing nasty things to most of the mounting bolts.
  13. Tom488

    How are you guys securing recovery boards?

    DeWalt Xtreme 5-in-1 Installation Driver with offset adapter and hex-shank drill bit:
  14. Tom488

    How are you guys securing recovery boards?

    There is NO WAY those water bottles stay secured! :p
  15. Tom488

    How are you guys securing recovery boards?

    If it's true that our rails are the same size as the Toyota's, then these should do...
  16. Tom488

    Is adding a heated steering wheel possible?

    Well, that's a real bummer. That's connector XY420A, and is as follows: So yeah, all the wiring for the heated seats isn't there. That part of the harness consists of that connector (XY420A) under the passenger seat, to connector XY330A, which is located under the rear of the center...
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