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  1. DMR

    First oil change- truck color white knuckle

    I went to my local dealership where I ordered and purchased the TRX this morning for an oil change and it was only $120, which I didn’t think was too bad. Once on the lift the dealer tech let me walk under the truck and check it out, pretty impressive under there and way better then crawling...
  2. DMR

    Case for tools, tow/tie down straps and miscellaneous items that fits under the rear seat.

    I bought this case and modified it with a hellcat emblem. It fits perfectly under the passenger side rear seat. I have tools, tow/ tie down straps, tire pressure gauge and other miscellaneous items in it. It eliminates things rolling around when hitting that go pedal. Received some compliments...
  3. DMR

    The wait is over- Picking her up tomorrow!

    It came off the truck today and pick her up tomorrow morning. Took it for a quick test drive and wow, no comparison to my 1500 big horn. Let the fun begin! Hope everyone has a quick turnaround with orders. Ordered 10/21 and will take delivery tomorrow 12/29.
  4. DMR

    Trx is in shipping and on a train to PA!

    I received confirmation from my dealer and Ram Chat that my truck is at the yard and being loaded on a train to head east to PA. Let’s hope it gets here relatively soon so I can get into the drivers seat to see what she will do. Any idea how long it normally takes for a truck to be delivered to...
  5. DMR


    Hi everyone, I currently own a 2014 Ram 1500 crew cab (with the Hemi of course) and am looking forward to learning more about the TRX. Thinking of making the upgrade to the TRX.