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  1. Grey03svt

    For those looking for red RAM grill emblem

    There is a place that does make custom grills. I think someone posted theirs on here. I'll look on Instagram and see if I can find the place and the TRX grill
  2. Grey03svt

    For those looking for red RAM grill emblem

    Not yet went out of town for a couple weeks and will try them out when I get back
  3. Grey03svt

    DEAL Official Ripatuned Incognito Group Buy

    Well damn guess my idea of not spending anymore money on this truck until fall is out the window
  4. Grey03svt

    What are you using your AUX switches for?

    Same, diagram and setup please
  5. Grey03svt

    M&R TRX 40” light bar install video

    Those can be amber with the Tazer or what I did was use Alfaobd software to change the color to amber as daytime running lights.
  6. Grey03svt

    DEAL Group Buy Ideas @

    QTP Cutouts Bakflip MX4
  7. Grey03svt

    Running board weight?

    I have a spare factory off road board i can weigh when I get home from work
  8. Grey03svt

    My Turn for Uconnect5 Issues.

    Today for no reason mine decided to jump to nav whenever I would hit the apps button. Just the apps button would do it. Soon as I press it no matter what screen I was on it just went to nav. Had to hold the power button down for 10 secs to reset it. 20 minute drive back home it it didn't do it...
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    Favorite Gifs/Memes

  10. Grey03svt

    251 Days....

    250 days on the nose for me
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    Favorite Gifs/Memes

  12. Grey03svt

    Favorite Gifs/Memes

  13. Grey03svt

    For those looking for red RAM grill emblem

    Says may 4th for delivery so we shall see!
  14. Grey03svt

    For those looking for red RAM grill emblem

    Here's the ebay link as well
  15. Grey03svt

    For those looking for red RAM grill emblem

    So I've had my emblems on order with Retro Shop for over month now, I guess there's a backorder on them. So I did a search on Etsy and these came up. For decals, $25 is worth a shot to try them out until the real deals come in. I ordered them so I'll review them when they come in 🤙...
  16. Grey03svt

    Daytime running lights

    Anyone get this done with alfaobd? Marker lights as well? Going to mess with alfa settings this afternoon after I put in the ACC
  17. Grey03svt

    Alfa and DRLs

    Has anyone had any luck using Alfaobd to change the DRLs to amber? I've used alfa I nmy 2019 Bighorn and make all sorts of changes. However, I cannot get alfa to even connect to the body computer. I have the latest version and the latest Powernet is MY2020. I have the demo version of alfa and...
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    Totally forgot you posted this a while back. Pm his info and site if he has one. Thanks for reposting!
  19. Grey03svt


    Fantastic. Thank you for taking the time and money for this. Bravo my friend!