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  1. DyLivn

    2022 Window Sticker shows Tech Group not included with Level 2

    KnightMare just posted. Wonder what the story is on this? Hmmm
  2. DyLivn

    LED 3rd brake light vs standard?

    I see the Tech pack comes with an LED Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp. What is standard, same thing just halogen? Does anybody have pics/video of both options?
  3. DyLivn

    2022 RAM online configurator

    I know I am beating a dead horse here, but damn I am getting impatient to place my 22 order. Since they are still making changes I am holding out hope for new colors, so I am waiting. When did the 2021 configurator go live? Anybody have a best guess when it may go live for the 22's?
  4. DyLivn

    Explain to me the different types of orders....

    Prospective 2022 TRX buyer here. I have seen some terms like retail order, stock order, etc being used. Can someone school me on what those terms mean and how they ultimately play into how the order is placed, how long it takes to get, and what negotiating power on pricing may come with each...