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    13 / 8 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (11/17/21)

    I’ l’m not believing that, until I see the official post from @Eighty😆
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    13 / 8 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (11/17/21)

    Was the second one an exact same build as the original and with the same dealer?
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    14 / 1 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (11/15/21)

    Well we can all find solace in knowing our sold orders take priority 🤬
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    1 / 2 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (11/12/21)

    I thought @Eighty already had you under his wing😂
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    Closed until newer orders move out of BG status - @dealerinsider

    Your estimate may not be very far off. August 24th order for me, I think @KnightMare said he ordered in August last year and his was a February build if I recall correctly
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    Finally it’s at home!!!

    Congratulations Sub! I too, am fretting having it shipped from Chapman to California when the time comes. Glad yours went well .
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    Hydro-Blue RAM TRX Photo Thread

    Beautiful, that’s what I have on order Hydro Blue with bead locks.👍
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    Current MSRP Dealers 215-410-2210
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    Well they appear to be tracking those that contact Ram Chat: Congratulations on your new vehicle purchase! I can absolutely look into this here for you. Please allow me a brief moment and I will be back with your new vehicle order update. While you wait, would you please provide me with your...
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    My Experience/Review of Chapman's Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM at PA

    Probably went Back to the Future to order another one for 2023
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    Chapman Has Closed there orders

    😂 Now that would make a good thread of responses, I’d freak out as well !
  12. A Legend We Lost Bambi Yesterday

    Bambi's Brother TRX Member JoinedOct 25, 2021Messages8Reaction score96LocationCaliforniaCurrent RideGen2 Raptor Yesterday at 10:08 AM Add bookmark #235 All, I continue to appreciate the kindness and anecdotes you have shared about Josh. Several people have asked me about sending donations...
  13. A Legend We Lost Bambi Yesterday

    Yeah , his loss has left an empty feeling on the forum. I was watching reruns of family guy last night, laughing and thought who could think this stuff up. I think Bambi could have been a writer on a show like that. Of course Quagmire would probably be the main character in that case.😂
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    🏆 Congrats @GOOSED for winning the RAM-TRX Forum Tumbler

    Being Jeffed or Goosed out of it is just not right
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    My Experience/Review of Chapman's Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM at PA

    Congrats Sub-zero! Did you find a shipper yet?
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    DEAL $9000 OFF MSRP! - November Special - Granger Motors

    That’s the first I’ve heard or even thought about limits to fitting on an “open” transport. Thought they could send a truck load if they wanted. That could pose another problem when trying to locate a shipper to get one home.
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    CA order placed!

    Welcome to the forum, lot of California members here, I am about 30 miles south of you and I seen a couple of members from Simi Valley. So there should be a few TRX’s running around soon, I have yet to see one in the wild.
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    "168 Crew" - Late August Ordering Group

    Not mine I’m still waiting.
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    "168 Crew" - Late August Ordering Group
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    TRX T Rex tow hitch cover

    Received mine today, Top Quality 👍