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    Number of issues since purchase

    Curious to know how many owners have had issues since their day of purchase? If you've had an issue feel free to elaborate in a comment.
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    Feeling Deflated

    Been putting off posting about my experience buying a TRX because, unfortunately, it didn't happen. I've been crazy about the hellcat platform ever since it was revealed 6-7 years ago but have never been in the right situation where I could fit one into my budget. Fast forward to fall of 2020...
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    Looking to buy used RAM offroad step bars

    name your price, willing to drive anywhere near SC preferably.
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    Tracking Trucks after Window Sticker

    How are you all tracking trucks after you receive your window sticker? I’ve read about some of you tracking rail cars or even tracking the truck via VIN on the Uconnect App? (Don’t see how that second option is possible) just curious as to how you track your Truck after it ships.
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    Anyone else buy through DanCummins?

    Placed an order 4/12 through the DanCummins dealer in Kentucky, anyone else have dealings with them? How long from order to build? Anything I should be aware of before finances are discussed? Overall experience?
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    Long term ownership issues

    Hey guys, been debating on ordering one of these trucks to be my work truck/daily driver. My Current Silverado gets 12-13mpg so obviously gas doesn’t worry me all too much. What does worry me are the known issues that some people have been having like torn boots, oil leaks, transmission failure...
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    Custom TRX colors

    took some time after work to create some new colors/adjust current colors ram offers. Feel free to use wherever, I may make more in the future if there is enough demand to see something specific. enjoy!