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    Theft prevention

    Does someone make a remote battery disconnect that has a light gauge wire providing enough power to keep things active but not enough to start the car. This would alow for remote starting. Although it wouldn't prevent a tow.
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    Has anyone tried to fit the multifunction tailgate on a TRX yet or will I be the first?
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    Wheel sale price

    Stock TRX wheels....... What have people been able to sell them for?
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    Wheels, Tires and Warranty

    I've seen on this site that dealer technicians blaming bigger tires for issues with the trucks. I read the other day of different mufflers being the fault of an engine failure (still confirming that). Has any one had an issue with a truck and told the wheels, because they are different from...
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    Cedar Rapids area

    Anyone from the Cedar Rapids area? I've seen the same truck at the local gym a few times.
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    Wheel width

    I wonder why Ram used a 9 inch wide vs 10 inch. I've always used 10 inch wheels on 12.5 wide wheels.
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    Maybe a stupid question

    Does the super charger whine ever get annoying?
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    Tow rating

    I was watching a video and they mentioned that the truck has a the same radiator as the other 1500's with the tow package. This probably the reason the tow rating is only 8100 lbs. The regular 1500's most tow 12 000 lbs up a mountain grade towing in 100 degree temps with 395 hp. That radiator...
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    Interior stitching

    I wish the stiching would be available in color match. That, I would of paid the extra....
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    Does anyone make a quieter exhaust for the trx that still sounds good? Yes, I'm getting old.
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    6.2 hemi differences

    What makes the 6.2 supercharged hemi different, stronger than a 5.7 or 6.4?
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    I think that all of us that are waiting would of been happier without our inside man. Triple B. We would be oblivious to Ram picking VIN's randomly. We would be just waiting impatiently. With that said, keep up the good work, Triple B, I can't wait to see my number is up.
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    Hood Emblem

    What are the dimensions of the "6.2 supercharged" emblem on the hood?
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    I saw a Tiktok of a class A motorhome pulling a TRX with a topper packed full that had to have a receiver style carrier stack with stuff. I know one thing about that guy....he must be married. LOL
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    TRX Ride

    Does a TRX ride as good as my coil sprung 2016 RAM 1500? I don't want to give that up. Bad back.
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    VIN .... Date

    Oh @tripleB.... Do you have the VIN's sorted by date? Maybe it's been posted and I missed it. If so.. sorry.
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    RBP Wheels

    Does anyone have any experience with this brand of wheels? How about chrome?
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    Wheel weight

    What do the stock bead locks with stock tires weigh?
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    Chrome wheels Hydro Blue

    I'd like to see a hydro blue with chrome wheels. Any one?
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    2021 Ram Trx for sale

    I found a used 2021 TRX black 7500 miles at Deery of Iowa City, Iowa if someone needs one NOW. I'll wait for my ordered 2022