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  1. Smoke king

    Note to Vendors and dealers‼️ Just my person opinion ‼️

    So Here it goes and I'm sorry if this doesn't sit well‼️ I as a business owner I can understand and appreciate the hard work, time, and money it takes to bring new products to market for the masses. I get it‼️ NOW WITH THAT SAID‼️ YOU CAR DEALERSHIPS WITH ADM GET ME SICK WITH THE BULL AND WILL...
  2. Smoke king

    Hennessey 1000 mammoth 🦣

    Is there anyone in this forum doing this⁉️ What are your thoughts on the custom front bumper⁉️ ( I think they nailed it) Anyone have pricing for the stage 2 package⁉️ Somethings I wouldn't need like tires and rims‼️ Would they still have you get it in the package ⁉️🤷🏾‍♂️ Just an open discussion...
  3. Smoke king

    Questions for TRX OFFROADERS‼️‼️ (LIGHTING)

    My question is what is the proper use for the different color lights, orange, red, blue, yellow, white under the windshield and light bars in the grill? Is it just personal preference or are there proper conditions there used for? I'm going to add the 2 under the windshield but already have the...
  4. Smoke king

    Total weight on Title

    Does anyone title say something different⁉️ My truck is basically fully loaded and the weight on the title reads 6213‼️
  5. Smoke king

    OEM Wheel, Tire, and Sensor cost from dealer

    The cost of a replacement of beadlock rim is $1,000 each (set of 5) Tire is $550 Sensor is about $40 Not including balance and install a set of 5 from the dealer cost $7,910‼️ With that being said half that price and lower is a steal if you buy them from someone else‼️ Also keep in mind if you...
  6. Smoke king

    Who has this interior option and how?

    I was wondering if anyone ordered this interior option and how! Saw it on a video a YouTuber went to buy a TRX they had 2 and 1 of them had this interior option! I low key want this red option 🤔
  7. Smoke king

    My TRX Pro photo & videos

    I just wanted to have a spot to highlight all my pictures and video of this truck I love so much ‼️ I'm not the best photographer but I take some good photos 🤷🏽‍♂️ Let me know what you think ‼️🗣✍
  8. Smoke king

    #2278 The Journey Begins from NY to NC for pickup 🧨

    Dear Forum Family it's been a nail biting experience as always waiting for these new vehicles and I appreciate all the info and knowledge from you all‼️ I haven't slept all day and have to dive all night to get it this long awaited vehicle! From what I hear so far it's worth the wait so I'll...
  9. Smoke king

    #2278 Has landed in N.carolina

    Will post photos soon‼️
  10. Smoke king

    Part number needed

    Any that got there truck ot is able to get me the part number for the black trailer power mirrors wit cameras for 360 view I would greatly appreciate it! The one option I forgot to get 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  11. Smoke king

    Just some small mods I'm doing from the start‼️

    My order was placed in August #2278. Some how in November it got modified from just having a tri fold bed cover to getting the ram bar and tire mount 🙄🤬 Long story short I went with all OEM parts and ordered the $900 hard tri fold bed cover and a few other things! Here are the Accessories I...