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  • Hey @tripleB, I had been talking to @vioerjim earlier this week and last, trying to find out why my TRX seems to be stuck in IQ., like totally stalled out. Seems odd that there is no movement and no one seems to have an answer. I was hoping you might have some insight on this? 147240… they say I’ll see it by 9/27 but we r quite past that point.. thanks in advance
    On your status updates, i've noticed that they stopped making bases / level 1s for a while. When was the last time they produced a base/level1 truck in the 2023 model year?
    Hey tripleB. Do you know of a buld tracker like yours for the TRX that is for the Dodge Challenger?? It was so coll to watch mine on your tracker last year and now I'm waiting on a WB Hellcat . Thanks in advance!
    I currently watch all North American Stellantis plants including Brampton in Canada where the Challengers are made. I post Challenger/Changer stats over on if you want to register your order and watch it over there. (You can use the same registration form that you did here. just select the forum in the first dropdown so I know to post your updates there)
    Hi, I put in my VON and VIN a couple of weeks ago. How long does it take to show on the sheet?
    Good Afternoon tripleB!

    Thank you for all the hard work you do to make this tracker possible! I just wanted to reach out and see if you can give me an idea of why my order is still stuck in D status? Seems other VINS in the 502 that are close to mine are already either being scheduled or build.

    VON: 56862764
    Line 166 On the tracker sheet.

    Hope you have a great day man!
    Hey tripleB - thanks for all you do. I'm new to all this, and you are awesome at keeping everyone informed. I've learned a ton from reading all of your posts and comments.

    I noticed in the tracker you didn't have my state. I probably filled it out wrong or something.

    My VIN is PN500971 - row 70 on your Sheet. My state is New York.

    No idea why I'm the only 500 TRX still in D status. shit luck I guess.
    Triple B. I’m in north central Arkansas. Is there anyone close that can install IGLA or revalco that you know about?
    tripleB, thanks for all the hard work chasing builds. I received the TRX this week and really appreciate the status information, build ideas, advice, etc. you and the forum provides.
    That is awesome news, congratulations on taking delivery. Hope the TRX was everything you were expecting and more!
    Sir, I wanted to track where the truck I have made a deal on is physically. My dealer sent me the window sticker two weeks ago when we were negotiating. I sent the vin to you over the weekend but don't see it on your list, 171996. If the WS is out there can you see where the truck is ?

    Hello, I just got my VIN issued. I was wondering if you could add it to your list.


    Congratulations on getting your VIN issued, please follow the link found here and enter your information!
    There is also more information about the various steps of the process and status codes you will see along the way.

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