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  • Very Frustrating. As of your posting today I've sorted all VIN numbers in order but focused on 905000 to 905980. In that almost 1000 trucks only mine 905189 from Canada is undone. There are 4 from the USA 905308, 905319, 905456, 905583 total 5 of us. Mine was in "C" status in Sep for dealer stock and then was changed to my name when I bought it in Dec 17/20. Dealer tells me it's allocation.???????????
    Hey, I saw that there were 18 TRX coming to Puerto Rico...can you tell me more information?...I can't ordered them from dealers on the island so I want to stay head of what's coming. Jamey Butterfield told me to ask you. Thanks.
    Congrats on your build. And thanks for all the updates. I am in the registry but only with the VON. My VIN is

    1c6srfu98mn902227. I'm out to March per the RAM email. Looking forward to your feedback and 1st impressions of your TRX. Best, Todd
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