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    Ignition edition with bead locks?

    I think the oem black or BL will look good on those caltran trucks.
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    Named your TRX???

    "nuper adventus" in Latin. english translation "late arrival ".
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    Make a prediction on when your TRX will be in your hands.

    I'll get my 22 when 23s are on the dealer lots.
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    What other beasts are in the garage!?

    Waiting on a new door and window.
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    DEAL $9000 OFF MSRP! - November Special - Granger Motors

    I think RAM SHOULD STOP TAKING ORDERS PERIOD! I just felt like shouting.
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    Ram Trx bed cover
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    How far did you DRIVE your TRX home when you picked it up?

    Someone pointed out ppf takes a week to cure, is that ture?
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    11 / 13 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (11/1/21)

    For me it's like opening an empty box and hearing santa laughing in the background........"ho ho ho,better luck next year kid!"
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    Don't like Alcantara on steering wheel...
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    Don't like Alcantara on steering wheel...

    You can try to swap it out for these.
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    Mixed answers on HK and Tech in level 2 package.

    Ask your dealer for an updated POC. I think you should be good on the HK and tech in your level 2 order.
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    Hello from Northern Virginia & California Emissions Question

    No true freedom loving American will volunteer to have the commifornia emission option. Especially coming from a guy that drives a humvee.
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    DEAL $9000 OFF MSRP! - November Special - Granger Motors

    A kick in the nuts is seeing 2 vehicles being built that was ordered on the same day as yours. 😆
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    17 / 9 TRUCKS FOUND TODAY (10/25/21)

    That's like a guy complaining about not sleeping with a girl after the 3rd date while some of us haven't even got her to reply to our text. You are almost there bro.......😝
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    Wheel weight

    80 plus with tire mounted.