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    Sketchy dealership??

    I don’t know where you get that from. But technically, you can change your spec anytime before your build goes down Production line. However, you will risk losing your queue in line. If you are in D, making change may result longer wait time before being scheduled (D1) If you are in D1 or...
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    Raptor R confirmed

    Interesting to see some features being removed without having any credit back.
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    Raptor R confirmed

    True, and like you said, they can’t even build the Raptor right now. So I would expect to receive a Corvette C9, whenever it comes out even before receiving the Raptor R
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    Raptor R confirmed

    Whatever it is, I highly doubt a Raptor R with the 802 package will be competitive to a level 2 TRX price wise, given the state of Ford dealer pricing and the discount we are getting from Ram dealers right now.
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    Exhaust Setups By Volume

    Technically, whatever you do behind the Catalytic Converter will not effect warranty. That’s why most aftermarket exhaust systems are Cat-back. Cutting and wielding the Loudmouth makes no difference than cutting and bolting on other catback exhaust systems. It’s just a little more involved.
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    DEAL Borla Deal! If you want the Borla System this is the sale to get in on!

    YRC, why am I not surprised. I ordered an office desk from Nebraska Furniture. It was drop shipped from the Manufacturer in Canada. Took them 3 days to cross the border and 4 weeks after that to deliver. ESD got pushed back over dozen times
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    Alternative engines

    How about a bi-turbo supercharged 6.2 engine?
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    Weathertech Mud Flaps - The Protection You Need! Discount Code Inside!

    I’m using Rally Armor universal flaps due to its flexibility. However, I hate seeing the top corners hanging around since they are not custom fit. Ill give the WeatherTech a try
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    Ram app + uconnect $24.99 per month fees!!!

    Yes I might be free on the Raptor, for now. But as I mentioned, this is tren in the entire industry, so we may see every car, from Toyota Camry to Cadillac Escalade have subscription based features included
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    Ram app + uconnect $24.99 per month fees!!!

    Jail breaking is one thing, but if you need to stay connected to your vehicle, wireless data service is required. Unless your vehicle constantly stays in your Wi-Fi zone, there will be no communication without data line.
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    Ram app + uconnect $24.99 per month fees!!!

    Agreed. They should have kept it the way it was. But like I mentioned, this is how the entire Automotive industries is moving toward. Toyota is even worse planning to give you a subscription for turning on AC remotely alone. Lol ridiculous.
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    Weathertech Mud Flaps - The Protection You Need! Discount Code Inside!

    Quick question. The WeatherTech mud flaps set listed on your store for $99 but it is only $79 on the WeatherTech website. Are they the same items?
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    Ram app + uconnect $24.99 per month fees!!!

    This is the way the entire auto industry is heading to. But to be fair, the subscription includes internet hotspot with unlimited data, well at least with Chevy Edit: Confirmed Ram also has Unlimited Hotspot
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    New Hydro Blue Owner w/ Mods Planned

    Dude, you just can’t go around asking people for adoption. You asked my dad last week, now my uncle. Let me say again, our family does NOT have tradition to adopt anybody, right uncle Rob?
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    When will we see a 70k TRX retail pre owned ?

    Granted. Dealers are offering $10K off, but the MSRP bar keeps rising due to material shortage, and especially inflation. The pre-owned market is not that far behind. So until the economy is stabilized, the $70K is not coming anytime soon IMHO.