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    LKA Lane Keep Assist

    I have been running the C3 from Comma AI with openpilot on my 2021 RAM TRX and I can say I am impressed. It works great on highway environments. Still work in progress. I also run it on another vehicle which has progressed more on development and it is great.
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    LKA Lane Keep Assist

    Good morning. I was wondering if my issue with my LKA is just related to me or a problem in general for the TRX. This has been an issue since day 1. The LKA system will detect the lane markings on the road and turn green but if you release the steering wheel it tries for about a second or two to...
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    Ram TRX destroyed

    Sadly some of the kids did not make it and others lost limbs or paralyzed. Bad decision to give a teen a TRX and worse when alcohol involved.
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    PSA transfer case over heating message

    Good morning, an update on the matter. I have a little over 1,200 miles since part replaced and I have not gotten the message any more.
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    First Tow with my TRX

    Good morning. I forgot to update the towing of the truck changed to flat towing back in April. I can definitely tell you that the flow tow system in the RAM is 1000% better than what Ford uses in the Raptor. But then again I guess that is why my transmission went up in smoke on the Raptor on a...
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    PSA transfer case over heating message

    Good morning. Good Morning. I have added about 300 miles of mostly highway use, which is where I would mostly get the message, and have not seen the message so far. Hopefully this is the long term solution to the problem. Just FYI the part was not in stock at my dealership but they had it...
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    PSA transfer case over heating message

    Good morning. I had my first message the day I picked up the track back in January and it continue to show up frequently. I finally took it to the dealership and they could not get the message to come on during test drive and no codes showed up on the system. I shared this post and they agreed...
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    Heads up display

    Up and down yes that my display projector I guess is not aligned correctly as it angles a bit inward towards the center of the truck.
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    Heads up display

    Good morning, anyone have an issue with the HUD being angled? Looks like not sitting straight.
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    1st TRX 1/4 mile at Drag Strip

    I was able to get my Ex Raptor to 131 with stock tires without an issue. So as mentioned up to speed and back down should be ok.
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    Tonneau Covers?

    I installed the Bakflip MX4 and it is working great. Paid $1050 installed.
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    Insurance Rates in Texas

    I am with state farm and paying $117.18 a month where my 17 raptor was $106.22 a month.
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    How many miles where on your trx when you picked it up??

    Mine had 32 miles.
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    TRX Fuel Economy

    This truck has an obsession for gas. I have 550 miles on it and have not gone past 35% to 45% throttle and I am around 9.5 MPG. Most computer shows off a full tank is 355 mile range. That I do have to say my tuned 17 Raptor with CAI and exhaust got great mileage. But like we say we did not get...
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    I was surprised on how it handled driving in the snow every day. I am from South Texas so not experienced in driving in the snow. As soon as I got it we went skiing to Colorado and drove it 400 miles in a week with 51 inches of snow falling and I was amazed. It was so comfortable driving up and...