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  • Interested in the ADD Bomber style bumper for the trx. I'm new to this forum not sure if this is the "DM" area. Please contact me if possible, ready to pay.
    I just purchased a 2022 TRX. I added a 2.5 inch leveling kit and now want to do rims and tires. Method 305 rims in matte black with Nitto grappler or open country. What offset should I get?
    I would like them to stick out slightly. thank you
    Just about to receive my TRX. Looking at ordering wheels I would like to get Fuel D560 Vapor all black 20” either 9 or 10 (prefer 10) without having to add a leveling kit with 35” grappler or Toyo tires. Can you help?
    We are a Ram builder and working on a big TRX build. Would love these bumpers front and rear with lighting. Message me and lets see what we can put together. Huge display piece
    Hello, I recently ordered a 2022 TRX and wanted to order some wheels/tires for it. 37s, and gloss black fuel rebels or the anthracite. My truck will be Billet Silver Metallic. Would prefer to support a forum vendor :cool:.


    Can we get them in (4) 22x10 AN36-S wheels
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